Summary in English

Welcome at the IDI

IDI (translated as the Institute for Directive Interventions) is a psychological center in the heart of Amsterdam offering psychological care and assistance to individuals, couples and families. Treatments are personal, practical and solution-focused, based on proven strategies and methods from cognitive behavioral, directive and systemic therapeutic traditions.

We can help you in the case of:
- Depression and low self-esteem
- Anxieties, worrying and procrastination
- Burnout and stress-related symptoms
- Traumatic and unresolved experiences
- Addictive and obsessive behavior
- Marital and family problems
- Problems arising from migration (including homesickness, multicultural relationship problems)

Benefits at IDI
- Short waiting list: on average 3 weeks (last update: june 2016).
- Treatments (partly) covered by most assurance companies
- Some of our therapists work in the evenings. Waiting list: on average 6-8 weeks (last update: june 2016)
- Our counsellors are also able to help you in English and Spanish. En el IDI disponemos de terapeutas bilingues que pueden ofrecer terapias en Holandés, Inglés y Español

For more information you can reach us by mail or phone